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Song der Woche: On Our Way

On Our Way von Wiser Time

I was leaving New York City to meet my baby, heading south, down to the Florida state line
Trying to reach the border on a second wind in 21 hours, with many miles already behind
The sun was shining and our spirits were strong, and we were rolling, on and on
To see my baby, and we’re on our way
We met some trouble with some Jacksonville trucker when we pulled into the station
Then right down to the ocean for 400 miles, straight through the pouring rain
When we get to where we’re going I wanna rest my weary head and wash my body clean from this day
Then squeeze my baby, and we’re on our way
A shot of Brandy in the morning would feel so good, and lift all this weight from my mind
Well, I don’t know what to do, but to get to you I know we got to keep making time
So with a little bit of luck and this old Peterbuilt truck, we gonna get there by the end of the day
To see my baby, and we’re on our way